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Our programs are designed to help you deliver exceptional customer-centric products and services. To do this, change needs to happen at the strategy, design, process, or team level. Whatever your product design and organisational challenge is, we can tailor our programs for you.

Laser-focused programs. Award-winning results.

Our award-winning difference is our focus on results and speed, using a blend of design thinking, design sprint and agile tactics.

You’ll say goodbye to long-winded meetings, ineffective processes, siloed teams, and endless design changes. We show you how to make calculated decisions within hours, design innovative products and services within weeks and make lasting transformations to your business.

And we offer fixed pricing and duration, so you know exactly what you are going to get. No extra charges, variation costs, or hidden bombshells.

  • Test product ideas and design customer-centric products

  • Reimagine existing products and services to outshine the competitors

  • Define, reframe, and prioritise design challenges aligned to business goals

  • Customise design strategies to your business’s goals and capabilities

  • Build an impactful workflow, process, and team organisation

  • Instil and foster a collaborative culture where creativity flows

1-Day Strategic Planning

High-level planning to simplify and prioritise product, service, or team objectives. Perfect for making bold decisions, aligning priorities, and finding new directions.

  • Expert facilitator
  • Report with highlights and detailed next steps

2-Day Strategic Planning

For finding new market opportunities, developing a product strategy, vision, and road map. Perfect for understanding the needs of the business and users, identifying goals and targets for your product or service.

  • Expert facilitator
  • Report with highlights and detailed next steps

1-Hour Strategic Session

An hour long strategic advisory session on business, product innovation and productivity optimisation.

  • Remote or face-to-face session
  • Access to resources and reference materials

Rapid Prototyping

For ideating and designing prototypes rapidly. Perfect for bringing ideas to life, think of it like a digital product concept hackathon.

3-5 days
  • Expert facilitator
  • Product designers
  • High-fidelity prototype prime for testing and production
  • All design files

Design Sprint

For solving a complex challenge and then improving the solution. Perfect for new products, services or features and optimising current states.

1-week to 5-weeks
  • End-to-end process from 2 to 6 weeks including a week of pre-planning plus your selected design sprint program
  • Expert facilitator
  • Product designers
  • High-fidelity validated prototype
  • All design files
  • Summary report and next steps recommendation
  • Video of user interview highlights (if applicable)

Fractional CXO

Empower your business with the strategic insight, expertise, and guidance it needs without the hefty cost of hiring seasoned, full-time executives. In our Fractional CXO monthly program, you will partner and work directly with our Principal, Alvin Hermanto, to drive your company's strategy, customer experience, product implementation and operations trajectory.

Scope of work may include: Weekly strategic and accountability meetings, stakeholder management, risk & change management, resource & team management, product implementation and operations management, third party vendor management, workflow optimisation & management, leadership meetings and other strategic advice to optimise your product or service.

  • Unlimited access (phone, email, chat)
  • Unlimited brands
  • Unlimited client contacts
  • Unlimited meetings (by appointment, subject to availability)
  • 24-48 hours typical response
  • Communication via Monday.com or Slack

Retained Advisory Services

For on demand services based on needs. Best for ongoing support and operation needs.

  • Regular access to required expertise

New Business Enquiries.

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Book a 15-minute preliminary call with our principal advisor, Alvin Hermanto, to see how we can best assist you.

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