Design Sprint at Relab.

The Design Sprint workshop is a 5-day structured process to solve a complex problem. By the end of Day 5, the team will have a user-validated prototype that represents the vision.
Efficient, low risk, innovative.

The facilitation of our 5-day Design Sprint workshop aims to create solutions for new digital products/features or improving existing ones through design thinking. At the end of the session, the business will see high fidelity prototypes that are relevant, specific and tested by real users, resulting in valuable insights, feedback and suggestions that can validate important business decisions. All done within 1 week time!

Originally created by Jake Knapp of Google Ventures, this methodology has proven to be well-structured and efficient that it saves businesses months worth of time and budget and compresses it into just one week of investment.

We believe that one of the most cost effective ways to address a business question is to test ideas and products on real users as early as possible, that it allows us to measure, learn and refine rapidly without having to prematurely waste time, money and resources on the actual build and technology development.

The benefits.

We understand that 5 days seems like a lot of time to invest in. However, through the compact and productive schedules set in a Design Sprint, companies are in fact adopting a proven method that helps them rapidly create solutions and turn ideas into a realistic testable hypothesis.

Real user feedback

Real user or customer feedback is gathered at the early stage of the product development process (before it’s too late!)

Clear problem framing

Clear problem framing that simplifies complex business challenges into effective design executions

Transparency, visibility & alignment

Transparency, visibility and alignment of cross-functional teams and shareholders that the same vision and rationale are shared across the board

Low risk, high speed, high impact

It’s a low risk, high speed and high impact solution that builds momentum of innovation within businesses and teams

Drives focus to what matters the most

Constantly drives focus to what matters the most to your users and customers

Who is a Design Sprint for?

Based on our experience producing high-fidelity prototypes in our Design Sprint facilitation process, we find this works best for:

  • Business challenges/questions that are assumed to be high impact, with high risk of investment if it was to be fully executed straight away.

  • Project that has plenty of assumptions and falls in the spectrum of the unknown. The Design Sprint will be able to help clarify most of those questions by going directly to real users.

  • Larger businesses with many stakeholders, as this exercise is great for unpacking business complexity and cross-functional teams.

In our experience, the Design Sprint works best when teams get buy-in from stakeholders early in the process that the purpose and goal of the exercise is clear to all parties involved.

What's in the agenda?

One of the key values of the Design Sprint is its compact, well-structured activity agenda. We understand that it can feel like a massive commitment for teams to be taken out of their daily work schedule to participate in the 5-day Design Sprint workshop. However, this intense and action-packed process is designed to increase productivity that leads to realistic and valuable action. Based on the Sprint Book by Jake Knapp, the Design Sprint has clear and specific guidelines every step of the way that you can be assured that the outcome will be achieved on budget, on time.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 1

Day 1Mapping & decide on a focus

Day 2

Day 2Brainstorm & idea sketching

Day 3

Day 3Idea critique, vote & storyboarding

Day 4

Day 4Rapid prototyping

Day 5

Day 5User testing & feedback

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Design Sprint Outcome.

At Relab, the outcome of a Design Sprint process will deliver you:

  • High-fidelity digital product interactive prototype

  • Video and audio recording of User Testing sessions

  • Documentation on User Feedback with strategic recommendations for next step actions

In saying that, ultimately at the end of a Design Sprint workshop, teams will be able to clarify and validate questions or assumptions that informed business decisions can be made by its key stakeholders.

Remote Design Sprint.

Working life, as we used to know it, has been reworked by Covid-19. Whether it’s for the good or bad, remote work is here to stay. And that means alterning the way we innovate, work and run things.

As facilitators of Design Sprints, we have been streamlining and perfecting our Remote Design Sprint systems and processes that it does not lose value, but in fact brings more efficiency and allows us to get more done in a shorter period of time.

In order to do this, we have tailored our Remote Design Sprint facilitation with the right schedule, agenda, pre-sprint preparation activities and supported by the best industry standard tools & resources.

Chat to us today about how Remote Design Sprints can help boost your digital product innovation, while keeping business risks low.

Why go with Relab?


Digital products launched


Awards & recognition


Years in the game

Relab is a Melbourne based, award-winning digital design consultancy with a high focus on data-led UX studies and well-executed visual UI design solutions. In the recent years, Relab has been recognised as a specialist on UI/UX design solutions for complex eCommerce and transactional digital projects that requires high performance on conversion rates.

Our Design Sprint facilitation is practical and made enjoyable at the same time. Through our experience and exposure in the industry, we believe we will be able to collaborate with a variety of teams and encourage an objective point of view in problem solving that will be of high value for businesses and organisations.

Our design thinking process has helped businesses solve a common problem on making something complex feel simple. We have helped businesses Australia wide including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Tasmania.

Design Sprint case studies & testimonials.

Luisa Bradshaw
Product Manager, Reece maX

“Relab was able to take us from customer research to a fully functional app design in five days. The design sprint process allowed us to test assumptions, learn from experts and trial our new design with customers which gives me confidence that our new design is going to resonate with customers.”

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