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Product: LeaseSuite SaaS Platform
Australia’s first intuitive commercial real estate platform.

LeaseSuite stands as Australia's pioneering commercial real estate software, assisting major enterprises in risk mitigation and attaining control over one of their most significant corporate, lease portfolio.

In just 1 month, the LeaseSuite and Relab team co-designed a solution, envisioning an ideal and holistic user experience. We swiftly grasped the landscape, aligned vision, designed a hypothesis, and validated solutions with real user profiles using a high-fidelity prototype of the platform.

The user needs

In the world of commercial real estate, the current state of tenant side strategies often resemble ancient relics – inflexible and costly to maintain. Businesses find themselves bound by rigid leases, trapped in expensive spaces that no longer suit their needs. Commercial real estate tenants are often finding themselves in the murky waters of lease management.

The need for a solution is palpable as the adoption of digital transformation comes ever stronger. With digitisation of business operations that are becoming increasingly vital, tenants are in search for a reliable solution that drives flexibility where once there was only rigidity and inefficiency.

Manual lease negotiations, transactions and management that are typically laborious and prone to error has to change. A streamlined process that saves time and money for all involved is required for modern organisations to mitigate risks and simply to provide peace of mind.

The business needs

LeaseSuite believes that it has the solution in revolutionising an industry long overdue for transformation. To achieve this, it has a key objective to develop cutting-edge tools and technologies that works seamlessly with every facet of a commercial tenant's real estate journey.

In addition to building a brand and narrative that redefines conventional wisdom and offering innovative approach to managing commercial real estate commitments, LeaseSuite aims to provide a comprehensive solution that optimises property search, market analysis, financial assessments, and presentation, empowering businesses to make informed decisions with confidence. Through the creation of a robust platform capable of capturing critical lease data and clauses, while providing timely alerts and comprehensive oversight of all lease liabilities, LeaseSuite is looking to drive a new era where technology serves as the cornerstone of innovation in commercial real estate management.

Our approach
Leveraging the power of human-centred and collaborative Design Sprint methodologies

From the beginning, LeaseSuite embarks on a journey of innovation guided by empathy and collective wisdom. Recognising that the essence of progress lies in understanding and addressing the genuine needs of our the users, we embrace a methodology that places human experience at the forefront of our proposed solutions.

Through our facilitation of Design Sprint, we foster a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives converge to fuel creativity and problem-solving. Through a series of intensive workshops, rapid prototyping and user interviews, we not only uncover insights but also cultivate solutions that resonate deeply with LeaseSuite’s users' aspirations and pain points.

The Design Sprint process also serve as a catalyst for effective iteration and validation, enabling LeaseSuite to refine and enhance features and offerings with agility. The team are empowered to stay responsive to evolving dynamics, user preference and investment opportunities ensuring that LeaseSuite remains realistic, relevant and impactful.

the context
Understanding the challenge and the audience

The ability to empathise with market and user needs is paramount for LeaseSuite's success. Through structured research and rapid analysis, we unravel the complexities of commercial real estate management while honing in on the nuanced needs of our specific user types. This knowledge fuels innovation and ensures meaningful solutions that resonate deeply.

Drawing the user’s journey map

The user journey map is a pivotal step in the product design process. By charting high level interactions and touch points, we gained invaluable overview of the user experience. This comprehensive understanding allows the team to identify required solutions that meets user expectations.

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Lean, Fast and Efficient Product Discovery Process

Through a meticulously structured process, we brought diverse talents and perspectives together to rapidly ideate, prototype, and validate solutions. Facilitated by experts, this dynamic approach fosters an organic, yet effective product discovery process that minimises time required from idea to launch, ensuring that LeaseSuite is ready to embark on implementation and be highly competitive within its landscape.

Reimagine ideas and view range of solutions as a team
Structured idea voting involving subject experts
Uncover requirements and gain clarity through visuals
User Interviews
Insightful real user feedback

The user interview process in our Design Sprint is a significant component as part of LeaseSuite’s commitment to gathering insightful real user feedback early in the process. Through open-ended conversations and active listening, we uncover invaluable insights that shape LeaseSuite’s product development journey, ensuring solutions that truly resonate with our users' needs.

outcome overview

Accelerated product implementation and market readiness

Better understanding of the market needs

By gaining clarity of what users really want, LeaseSuite was able to empathise and align its MVP objectives with the market needs.

Earning confidence by unveiling the product's potential

With validated user feedback, LeaseSuite uncovered a new level of confidence on its MVP core features and the potential beyond.

Strategic implementation and pragmatic prioritisation

Our process delivered clarity on phases of work, which turned into into a realistic, systematic and actionable implementation pathway.

Alvin and the team at Relab delivered a well-researched and designed prototype that provided us with what we needed for further research. Comprehension and the ability to turn our vision into a real looking beautiful product design in a matter of days! Great team to work with.
Michael SteeleCEO / Founder, LeaseSuite

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