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Image of a bathroom
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Fast and simple Ecommerce checkout solution to improve conversion

Category: B2CEcommerce
Scope of work: Design Strategy & ConsultationUX DesignUI DesignTechnical Development
Product: Reece B2C Ecommerce Website Checkout
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Based on consumer feedback, Reece identified ‘quick win’ opportunities on improving their B2C checkout experience.

The Reece ecommerce website didn’t have a guest checkout offering, which forced non-trade customers to create an account before being able to proceed with their purchase. This rule created unnecessary friction within the B2C customer journey, resulting in high drop-off rates.

The user needs

Most B2C online purchases are done by home or investment property owners who are looking to replace or update existing bathroom products. Most sales are from the tapware or bathroom accessories categories.

Some of these customers are looking to renovate or build an entire bathroom project. The business found that those who has building and renovating experience tend to be the ones who are confident to make online purchases, where as those with less experience prefer a step-by-step guidance by a staff member (in the showroom).

The business needs

Reece as business had a clear vision of what the business goal was, which was to improve the Ecommerce online sales conversion rate, while preventing customers abandoning their cart.

Relab was approached to bring in thought leadership around the best ecommerce checkout practices based on its experience working with various retail and consume ecommerce sites. Reece needed its B2C checkout experience to feel familiar and intuitive, with as little friction as possible.

our approach
A discovery session was initiated, so we can effectively understand the business’ challenges, limitations and available resources.

The discovery involved Reece Tech’s technical team members who are responsible for the web development of the Reece website, as well as the product owner of Reece B2C Ecommerce. In no time, our Relab design team documented a full understanding of what is feasible from a technical point of view and what limitations may need to be considered as part of the design proposal.

The design process further progressed through a series of clickable wireframes in mobile and desktop environments to validate ideas. After reviewing options of flows and layouts, a winning idea was selected and developed into a refined visual concept and built into front end HTML/CSS markup, that at the end was delivered to Reece Tech for implementation and deployment.

Seamless experience

3-Step Checkout, unified as one

Purchasing online shouldn’t be difficult, whether your buying clothes, footwear or tapware. The unified 3-step checkout embodies the simplicity of a one page checkout, with the structure of three page checkout.

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Two buttons with one being highlighted labelled "checkout as guest"
no sign up required
Guests are always welcome

Guest Checkout was an idea that is often times overlooked by trade-focused businesses. In the context of B2C, this solution was a no brainer.

Mobile optimised
Easy. Anytime. Anywhere.

Well optimised mobile experience guarantees instant dividend to any transactional products.

Significant revenue boost

The solution contributed in folds of increased Ecommerce revenue for the business

Drop off down, Conversion up

Higher engagement and retention of customers from Cart to Checkout means more conversion opportunities

Consumer-focused mindset

The project inspired a bigger picture point of view in putting customers first on all scenarios

We thoroughly enjoyed this exercise, particularly due to how specific the challenge was, the simplicity of the final solution... And how impactful it was for the business and customers at the end.
Alvin Hermanto
Alvin HermantoAgency Principal, RELAB

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