Woman holding shoes
Woman holding shoes
Radical Yes

High performance Ecommerce for Melbourne’s most radical women’s footwear brand

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Scope of work: Design Strategy & ConsultationUser ResearchUX DesignUI DesignTechnical Development
Product: Radical Yes Ecommerce Website
Shoes on feet sticking up in the air
Having positioned themselves well in the right market, Radical Yes saw an opportunity to take their Ecommerce game up to the next level.

Radical Yes is a modern women footwear brand for the busy and the creative. Their shoes are created to instill a spirit of independence. Shoes that cross the divide of looking sharp and being comfortable. Shoes that are designed to quickly become the every-day-go-to favourites. Relab was approached as an Ecommerce partner to provide guidance in the next frontier of Radical Yes’ online presence.

The user needs

The brand attracts creative women aged between 20 to 40, predominantly in the creative, urban and lifestyle space. Most of the audience are online, specifically in Australian fashion capitals like Melbourne and Sydney. These women are those with progressive fashion taste and lifestyle. They are mobile, active and conscious. They are in and out of transport, while chasing after kids, dogs or clients!

Like most consumers today, Radical Yes’ audience find themselves browsing on the mobile device more than ever.

The business needs

The previous Radical Yes site was taken off the shelf as a Shopify template, with no bespoke approach to its user experience. Over time it presented the business with a number of usability challenges, particularly on the Ecommerce browsing, shopping and transactional experiences. In addition, the surge in mobile traffic was inevitable at that time, however the old website did not cater the mobile user well, that it created a lot of friction in the end user’s experience.

our approach
We started by focusing on the “low hanging fruit”, so the investment can bring in results. We kept things real and we kept it lean.

After a solid discovery process, Relab and Radical Yes identified a number of key pages that would impact the overall online shopping experience. We focused on these pages and further investigated their performance metrics through heatmapping and analytics review studies. At the end of our research, we were confident that by redesigning some of these pages, Radical Yes will increase its website’s user experience and therefore increase engagements and conversions.

The pages we focused on were the Home Page, Product Listing Pages, Product Detail Pages and Search Result Pages. And those were the low hanging fruit, that would bring maximum value to the business. Throughout the execution process, Design was as inclusive as possible and Development execution was as methodical and as possible. It was a combination of design thinking and agile development, that finally brought us to the successful launch of the newly optimised Radical Yes website.

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Best of class User Interface

Optimised product browsing and shopping

Smooth presentation of content, browsing options and product information, backed up by friction-free interactions makes an online shop worth loving. It builds customer loyalty not just online, but equally remarkable offline.

Result focused

Increased performance

Add to Cart, Checkout and sales Conversion rates up 6 months post launch.

Add to Cart rate up 17% at 5.36%
Checkout rate up 16% at 3.19%
Conversion rate up 24% to 2.15% (of visits)
Website screen and Melbourne design awards gold logo
Award Winning
Best in digital retail & shopping

The Radical Yes website was awarded as the Gold Winner in Melbourne Design Awards 2019, in the Digital category of Retail & Shopping.

Since launching the new Relab-improved eCommerce site our Add to Cart, Checkout and Conversion rates are all up. We also get more returning customers. We think these are great results and it has really given us the confidence to invest more in advertising, which has also paid off!
Leo Moscicki
Leo MoscickiMarketing Director, Radical Yes

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