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Omnichannel customer experience that ignites memorable lifetime stories of Levi's® fans

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Product: Levi's® Australia & New Zealand Buy Better Wear Longer
Sustainability starts with ensuring quality. By crafting enduring jeans, Levi's® extends the lifespan of their denim beyond a single owner, era, or even a lifetime.

Crafted for durability, Levi's® collectively reduces waste and embraces sustainability. It goes beyond mere longevity or waste reduction—it's about the depth of life and experiences woven into jeans that endure a lifetime. Levi's® ANZ Buy Better Wear Longer Campaign seeks to elevate consumer experience and environmental responsibility, aligning with the brand's overarching business goals. Relab was approached by Levi Strauss & Co. Australia & New Zealand to initiate a tangible dialogue by sharing relatable, authentic stories from fans about their most unforgettable pair of Levi’s®.

The user needs

Levi's® recognises that fans yearn for a profound connection and resonance with the sentimental and sustainable values. At the heart of this campaign is the users' desire for a deep emotional bond and to fulfil their environmental responsibility. Relab ensures that the campaign becomes a meaningful journey, intertwining the longevity of Levi's® jeans with the enduring emotional connections of its fans, which reflects Levi's® dedication to foster a sustainable and emotionally enriching community.

The business needs

The business aspires to create an experience that goes beyond showcasing product durability. It desires to honour fans' personal stories and attachments, highlighting brand loyalty and engagement. In tandem, Levi's® strives to champion environmental innovation, encouraging pioneers in the fashion market to adopt sustainable practices. This dual focus strengthens Levi's® position as a leader in consumer satisfaction and environmental responsibility, aligning with the Buy Better Wear Longer campaign's overarching goals.

Start a conversation with accessible, real lifetime stories of the fans and their most memorable pair of Levi’s®

At Relab, we kick off by engaging in dynamic brainstorming sessions where creativity flows freely, allowing us to conceptualise compelling ideas that resonate with Levi's® brand ethos. To further enhance the campaign's impact, we meticulously craft a high-level customer journey map.

This map serves as a blueprint, guiding us in understanding and addressing the unique touchpoints of Levi's® audience throughout their interactions with the campaign. By combining inventive brainstorming and a strategic customer journey mapping process, we ensure that Levi's® message not only reaches but deeply connects with its audience, fostering a lasting impression and embodying the essence of the Buy Better Wear Longer initiative.

Creating an awareness through emotive connection

We suggested igniting awareness for the campaign by leveraging email launch series, social media outreach, and the creation of localised environmental murals.

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Provide an understanding on high quality craftsmanship

The website landing page gives an overview of the campaign, linking to the Sustainability Page & Sustainability Report (SFCC). Interactive pop-ups on the website further encourage exploration of the key message.

Delightful and memorable buying experience

Limited and personalised handwritten thank you note for the Levi’s® fan when purchasing in store, as well as a post-purchase Buy Better Wear Longer short form video from a Levi’s® team member for online purchases.

Nurturing a mutual connection of shared values

Extending the mutual connection and shared values after purchasing, we proposed to use the Instagram channel, taking advantage on the video stories gathered from fans. In addition, we also suggested for a post purchase email communication series.

final outcome

Increased performance

The strategic and immersive campaign by Levi's® not only boosted brand recognition and engagement but also fueled success and core values. Beyond metrics, it forged a meaningful connection, contributing to the sentimental and sustainable journey that defines the brand. This stands as a testament to Levi's® commitment to resonating emotionally and ecologically, forging a path towards a more sustainable future in fashion.

Elevated brand engagement

Fostering meaningful interactions, brand impact and resonance to the market

Effective customer acquisition

Optimising the use of effective marketing channels to attract customers

Enhanced loyalty and retention

Builds long-lasting relationships for sustained success in the market

We are proud for the opportunity to work on the customer experience strategy for this Levi’s campaign. Particularly for the message delivered around extending a product’s lifecycle and the memories created with it. It can’t get any better than that for an iconic brand like Levi’s.
Alvin HermantoPrincipal, Relab Studios

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