Small grey and white dog in a Snooza bed
Small grey and white dog in a Snooza bed

Aspirational online store for a sustainable pet products brand

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Product: Snooza Ecommerce Website
Boston terrier on a Snooza bed
Evolving Snooza’s website into a modern, user-centric and scalable Ecommerce platform.

Upon completing the Snooza brand identity refresh, our team at Relab was tasked to redesign and build Snooza’s new website experience. Retaining Snooza's original brand essence, while evolving into an easy-to-use, intuitive, data-led and scalable Ecommerce platform was the key objective of this project.

The user needs

The Snooza business had origins in producing outdoor dog beds. Over time, there are 2 major changes that have occurred in dog ownership, which have impacted the industry and the user’s needs: 1) The humanisation of pets, and 2) The shift from keeping dogs outside and turning them into indoor pets.

Because of this, one of the main tasks was to introduce fashion aware aesthetics that are aspiring to modern pet parents. The website needs to convey this vision in order for it to communicate the brand messaging to its audience.

Having said that the health and wellbeing of pets is ultimately the most important thing to pet owners. Therefore, the website should clearly hero the products performance. Clear user interface and navigation are needed to guide pet owners throughout their journey, that they gain clarity and confidence in finding the right product and be able to make informed decisions about their purchase.

The business needs

Snooza is a proud Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of premium pet comfort products that has operated in Melbourne’s Bayside suburb since 1989. Snooza’s mission is to improve the lives of pets and pet owners with products that optimise pet sleep, health and wellbeing.

We had a challenge to create an Ecommerce interface that feels natural for pet owners to use, so that they can easily find the right product for their pet’s unique needs. The website requires a familiar and intuitive interface, on top of a valuable content that is engaging. The business believed that there is a significant opportunity to reduce bounce rates and increase it’s Ecommerce conversion metrics.

Snooza’s legacy site was also proven to be outdated and hard to maintain, with a user experience that was no longer practical to the evolving market expectation, presenting a number of significant usability challenges around the basic Ecommerce shopping experience. Although analytics suggested the surge in mobile traffic is growing more rapidly than ever, the old website did not cater well for the mobile experience, creating frictions in the overall user experience journey. Snooza required a significant revamp to modernise the overall user journey of its Ecommerce website.

Equipped with a solid understanding of the brand DNA, we commenced our process by validating a list of desired business features against a typical Snooza customer journey.

We wanted to innovate within the intersection of the business requirements and user needs, so we facilitated a prioritisation session to collaboratively decide on group of features/pages that are to be broken down to multiple build phases. The priorities were set based on its level of Impact to the business and on how much Effort was needed to achieve them. This Impact/Effort prioritisation method allows both Snooza and Relab as a team to make objective decisions that are aligned with each other.

Through a simple and methodical work process that was carried since the project Discovery all the way through to Design, Development and Deployment, the team constantly assess the progress through rigorous rounds of testing, demo and iterations, that brought us to the successful launch of the new Snooza website.

Overall, the user experience highlights ease of use and practicality. From the homepage and global navigation, the well responsive website design allows users to easily navigate through popular ways of browsing and shopping for a pet products, resulting in users being able to get to where they need to go in no time. On product pages, product selection with meaningful information and decision points lead towards better conversion rate performances. In addition, company profile and value pages are designed to tell the Snooza story in a thoughtful and engaging way – all consistent with the Snooza brand vision.

User interface screens showing product filtering
Product collections
Practical browsing experience

Product navigation, filtering and sorting are made accessible and easy to use, allowing users to find relevance in their browsing.

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Mobile screen showing product page
Mobile screen showing product page
Easy product selection

Product browsing and selection process designed to look and feel simple, just enough for users to make the right purchase decisions.

image of dog with caption: "an obsession with pet comfort" and and image of hands on a sewing machine with caption: "Our factory first approach"
image of dog with caption: "an obsession with pet comfort" and and image of hands on a sewing machine with caption: "Our factory first approach"
Meaningful brand stories

Snooza profile and brand value presented throughout theh website in thoughtful and engaging way.

Online revenue increased by over 270%

Changed course from declining revenue into a significant increase in profitability

Average weekly online sales increased by 1025%

Unsurpassed weekly sales performance that the business had never seen before

Online revenue targets above expectation

Supporting Snooza’s journey in becoming Australia’s number one pet comfort brand

We trust and rely on Relab and see them as an integral part and partner in our business. Their design capability is as good as I’ve seen, as is their deep insights driven understanding of eCommerce UI/UX.
Luis Albornoz
Luis AlbornozSales & Marketing Director, Snooza Pet Products

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