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Two men standing in a bar at night

Unique website campaign pages for the leaders in menswear fashion

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Product: POLITIX Campaign Pages
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For over 7 years Relab had designed and developed campaign pages for POLITIX to support its marketing objectives.

The menswear category is a competitive market and our team at Relab have had the opportunity to improve and instigate a positive change over time that has helped bring POLITIX to where the brand is positioned today, Australia’s leader in menswear fashion.

The user needs

POLITIX has a core customer aged between 18 and 35, who is a confident young man, with an open wallet who stays on trend in his choice of fashion for casual, career and formalwear. He is a fashion-conscious aspirant with social ambition, who appreciates quality in product execution as much as their trusted connection with the POLITIX stores.

Men tend to shop for occasions and by occasions. They are also impatient shoppers and need guidance and outfit inspiration from head to toe. Imagery, storytelling and context plays an important role in their purchase decision.

The Business needs

POLITIX needed a partner that understands the brand well and is able to adapt each unique campaign vision into a practical digital output. Over the years, the brand had collaborated with various photographers and brand designers who bring their own unique styles into each campaign. POLITIX needed a partner who is capable in translating these visual concepts and stories into a user-friendly experience online.

Like other leaders in the retail space, being able to deliver speed and quality is seen as an edge with any marketing campaign and the team at Relab had exactly that.

It starts by genuinely understanding the brand values, personality and its customers. Then everything else will fall into place.

It was clear to us that in order to be unique and competitive, we had to have an edge in our ongoing production strategy. Having collaborated with the POLITIX brand through a number of years, our team developed a production workflow that allows us to be creative, while being nimble, agile and flexible.

Although each campaign page production has its unique story, our approach would always be the same – and it’s to start with understanding the essence of the campaign, map out a launch strategy and work backwards to pinpoint project milestones that covers aspects of creative concepts, production, testing and delivery.

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Strengthens brand positioning

High level execution quality of each campaign page positions POLITIX stronger each year as the leader in Australia’s mens fashion category.

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visual design
Best of class digital design

The POLITIX campaign page outcomes are seen as one of the best execution of a digital design campaign in the Australian retail sector.

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Driving online conversions

The POLITIX campaign pages are designed with UX and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) principles in mind to deliver optimal transactional results.

Transformational effect

The campaign work had supported POLITIX’s journey in becoming the most profitable mens fashion business in Australia by year 2017.

Outstanding online growth

Over the years we have seen incredible online growth by more than 10X, partly contributed by the campaign work and execution.

An industry role model

The POLITIX digital design work, including its campaign pages are often referred to as benchmarks in the Australian digital retail sector.

Since taking on the digital creative work for Politix, Relab have elevated the brand’s presentation online and across digital channels. Relab’s willingness to immerse itself in the business, combined with their finely tuned design sensibilities deliver results, time and time again.
Ivette Mendez
Ivette MendezDigital Marketing Manager, Politix

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