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Elevated online presence for a music project by the world’s most iconic denim brand

Category: B2CEcommerce
Scope of work: UX DesignUI DesignTechnical Development
Product: Levi’s® Music Project Campaign Page
Scaling the global impact of Levi’s® Music Project, the brand strategically optimised its online presentation and experience.

The new Levi's® Music Project is a vibrant, globally impactful music education experience for young musicians. Following the success over the years, in 2023 Levi’s® collaborated with Winston Surfshirt and Jack River, sharing their journey and insights into their creative processes. Relab was engaged to ensure consistent brand expressions and energised experiences are established across its digital channels, to reflect the amped-up spirit of the Levi’s® Music Project community.

The user needs

Levi’s® has always been big on supporting the younger generation and its creative pursuit. Their passion in music drives the need of a platform that could cultivate their interest and nurture them. At this day and age, inspirations and resources can be accessed very easily. However, the experience may not feel as relevant, interactive, and impactful. Having the opportunity to get direct advice from real artists in the industry would make all the difference. It could lead to life-changing experiences for these young musicians.

The business needs

Levi’s® aims to establish a tighter, more consistent range of brand expressions across all projects that reflect the amped-up spirit, focused determination, and big ambition of the Levi’s® Music Project community. The intention is to ensure that the project becomes a conduit between artists and fans by driving an educational conversation not only offline, but also online, reverberating bold impact with young musicians across the globe.

Our Approach
An engaging narrative for optimal online user engagement

With a focus on a comprehensive, story-driven campaign page design that would resonate with the target audience, our team took thoughtful considerations to understand user preferences, psychological triggers, and storytelling techniques that drive online engagement - aiming to ensure a harmonious blend of user interface design elements and compelling storytelling.

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A bespoke digital marketing asset weaved seamlessly into the campaign

Taking inspiration from best landing page principles, an optimised and unique web page is crafted seamlessly into the Levi’s® Ecommerce website. Through carefully selected video, imagery, typography, and colours, we aimed to evoke emotions and create an immersive experience. The narrative elements were strategically placed to guide users through a memorable and purposeful journey, leading them towards the desired call-to-action to join the Levi’s® Music Project community.

Longer average session durations and reduced bounce rates
Increased engagement with Levi’s® music community through Discord
Establishment of brand loyalty through strong emotional connections

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