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Product: POLITIX Ecommerce Website
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Relab was given the challenge of a complete design overhaul for the POLITIX Ecommerce website.

Our key role was to lead its UI/UX discovery & design execution for seamless consolidation to any enterprise level Ecommerce platform, while being able to deliver an experience that reference the customer journey in-store that is so unique to POLITIX's brand.

User needs

Over the years, the POLITIX brand has established itself and attracted a core customer aged between 18 and 35, a confident young man, with an open wallet who stays on trend in his choice of fashion for casual, career and formalwear. He is a fashion-conscious aspirant with social ambition, who appreciates quality in product execution as much as their trusted connection with POLITIX in-store service.

In the online space, the biggest challenge is exactly to match that personable offering that one can get in the physical store. A focus group insight revealed that customers tend to shop for occasions and by occasions. Men are also impatient shoppers and need to have things spelt out for them. They come to be outfitted, and POLITIX dress them from head to toe. Customers want ‘New’ and rely heavily on product imagery in the online environment. And ultimately - goes without saying - it must be easy (to search, browse, shop and pay).

Business needs

Historically, digital and Ecommerce had not been a huge focus for the business. Online sales represented a very small percentage of overall sales with conversion rate sitting below industry averages. As the business has evolved into a destination for menswear outfitting, customers were unable to easily match jackets and pants, or mix and match suiting lines. The dramatic surge in mobile traffic to the website lead to a 'mobile-first' awakening in the business.

The business also needed a solution to elevate the hero of the brand, which is the product itself. In doing so correctly, the website has a potential to be a true representation of the POLITIX brand, encapsulating the DNA, aesthetic, tone and language.

Strategically, the goal was to design a website that will grow and adapt with the business over years to come, help increase Ecommerce conversion across all devices to be overall rate of 1.5% or more and be able to reach an online turnover that equals 2-3x the average store’s turnover – all to be measured within 18 months post launch.

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Research-led, investing on Discovery, Analysis and Usability test cases early. Prototyping and experiments from day one, with means to a specific goal at each phase of the product cycle.

Our preliminary investigation highlighted the need for a better product search experience. This discovery led to the integration of smart, suggestive searching that delivers simple and specific search functionality - eliminating multiple layers of navigation. In addition, faceted filtering features were also introduced to allow customers make informed decisions, while finding and pairing complimentary items, for perfect styling.

Adding to cart and checkout experience were simplified, contributing to an increase in purchase, whilst reducing overall drop-offs. Our emphasis on an optimised mobile experience was proven to be accurate, with increased site traffic from mobile devices and a growing mobile conversion that has never gone backwards since launch.

The Ecommerce website opened up numerous marketing opportunities and avenues foor the business since it launched. Other activities from remarketing strategies, SEO, email campaigns, social media, PR & events has increased tremendously, with the website acting as a hub to all digital investments made to date.

Since the commencement of the Ecommerce project, we have always been involved in strategic dialogues with various expert partners from the fields of research, technical, content, marketing and more. We believe in team sport and the spirit of collaboration. Post launch and beyond, we continue to support POLITIX in design research and optimisation to continue drive value into the Ecommerce website and other digital channels.

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Website search user interface
Search field user interface
Smart predictive product search

Suggestive product search interface were introduced and continuous learning are applied to offer better experiences.

Product filtering user interface
Product filtering user interface
Robust filtering & sorting tools

Comprehensive filter and sorting tools tailored for the POLITIX user’s needs.

user interface screens showing a product page and add to cart button
user interface screens showing a product page and add to cart button
Frictionless, secure checkout

Intuitive user interfaces are continuously reviewed and optimised over time to make online shopping quick, easy and secure.

Online revenue up by 158% within 12-18 months

Incrase in mobile conversion by 109% and reduction of checkout drop-off by 26%

Awarded Gold in Melbourne Design Awards

POLITIX Ecommerce website won Gold in Digital (Retail & Shopping) category

Featured in Apple’s global iPad Pro launch site

POLITIX’s execution of Apple Pay checkout featured in the iPad Pro launch campaign

We’re a business defined by our agility and working with a partner who has the flexibility and ability to respond quickly, without compromising the quality of work, has been a game changer for us.
Ivette Mendez
Ivette MendezDigital Marketing Manager, Politix

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